Georgian Literature in European Scholarship

Edited by Elguja Khintibidze

Adolf M. Hakkert & W. Kos Publisher

The land of Georgians has since time immemorial lain in the area south of the Caucasus Range, eastward of the Black Sea, at the boundary of Europe and Asia. The Georgian language and culture, the customs and mores of the Georgian people hold the beginning of the 5th century, the Georgians created a rich and highly important literature which, today too, is developing intensively, with its national Georgian writing – one of the oldest among the world scripts.
Interest in Georgian literature in Europe commenced towards the close of the 16th century. Hundreds of scholarly studies or pupolar essays have since been published in Europe on Georgian literature. The present
monograph is devoted to their critique. It is the first attempt at tracing the history of the study of Georgian literary culture and at compiling a bibliography of studies published in Europe on Georgian literature and of translations of Georgian literary works. The monograph fills a substantial lacuna in the scholarly history of Georgian literature, offering a bibliography of works written by Europeans on Georgian literature to foreigners interested in the Georgian world.