Instanbul Decennial Summit Declaration of the BSEC: "Looking Beyond Ten Years of Cooperation and Progress",
Istanbul, 25 June 2002

    1. We, The Heads Of State Or Government Of The Member States Of The Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC), Met In Istanbul On 25 June 2002, On The Occasion Of The Tenth Anniversary Of The Founding Of The Black Sea Economic Cooperation, To Review The Contribution The Process Has Made Over The Last Ten Years To Developing And Strengthening The Good Neighbourly Relations, Regional, Interregional Cooperation, Integration, Peace, Stability And Security And To Consider New Opportunities And Ways Of Further Improvements To Meet The Challenges Ahead.

    2. Over The Past Decade The BSEC Has Proved Its Value As A Forum Of Trust, Understanding And Cooperation. It Has Fostered Significant Progress In Its Member States' Policies On Promoting Democracy, Market Economy And Open Society And, Through This, Has Supported The Efforts Towards A Better Positioning Of Our Region In Today's World, In Which Countries Are Moving Ever Closer Towards Openness And Economic Integration.

    3. Our Successes Justify And Encourage Us To Look To The Future Not Only With Confidence But Also With Great Expectations. The Black Sea Region, With Its Position Right At The Heart Of Eurasia, Stands To Reap Great Benefits From Its Increased Global Geostrategic Importance. The Natural Resources Of Our Countries, Our Solid Scientific And Technological Base, Our Rich Cultures And Traditions, Our Highly Educated, Skilled And Creative People Will All Be The Vehicles Of The Success Of The BSEC Region. Our Organization Will Be Needed, Even More Than Before, To Help Us Maximize Our Common Values And Interests, And We Reinforce Our Commitment To Further Promote The BSEC Process As A Reliable Means To Embrace New Domains Of Interaction WhilE Deepening The Cooperation In The Existing Ones.

    4. The Political, Economic And Security Developments In Europe Clearly Indicate That Peace On The Continent Depends On The Stability And Prosperity Of Its Regions. They Also Demonstrate That The Black Sea Region Is In Need Of Further Efforts Towards Security And Stability. We Encourage The BSEC Council Of Ministers Of Foreign Affairs To Consider Ways And Means Of Enhancing Contribution Of The BSEC To Strengthening Security And Stability In The Region.

    5. The BSEC Was Initiated Ten Years Ago By The Profound Changes In Europe That Opened Up Unprecedented Opportunities For Cooperation Among Our Nations. We Acknowledge Today That The Challenge Remains How Best To Utilize This Potential And Translate It Into Increased Interaction For The Benefit Of Our Peoples. In This Context We Reaffirm Our Determination To Further Implement The Provisions Of The BSEC Charter With A View To Realizing Its Resources To The Maximum Extent And Implementing Its Principles And Objectives Into Every-day Practice.

    6. We Welcome With High Satisfaction The Adoption Of The BSEC Economic Agenda And The Decision On The Establishment Of The BSEC Project Development Fund On The Basis Of Voluntary Contributions And The Related Institutional Capacity Intended To Facilitate The Elaboration And Promotion Of Projects With High Regional Cooperation Impact And Call On The Member States To Actively Contribute To Its Functioning. In This Respect We Believe That Our Organization Should Further Consider Ways And Take Appropriate Actions To Function More Effectively And Efficiently. To This End, We Task The BSEC Council Of Ministers Of Foreign Affairs To Enhance The Coordinating Functions Of The BSEC PERMIS And Its Secretary General, In Line With The Provisions Of The BSEC Economic Agenda.

    7. As The Dynamics Of The Emerging New European Architecture Open Up The Potential For Effective Partnerships With BSEC, The BSEC Member States Attach Importance To Their Policies In Building Up A Tangible Relationship With The EU. In This Respect, We Will Continue The Efforts To Ensure Coordination And Cooperation Between The BSEC And The EU. For This Purpose, We Call On The BSEC Council Of Ministers Of Foreign Affairs And The EU To Undertake Concrete Steps To Advance This Cooperation.

    8. Recognizing That Any Dispute Or Conflict In The Region Impedes Cooperation, We Stress The Need To Solve Such Disputes Or Conflicts On The Basis Of The Norms And Principles Of International Law.

    9. We Firmly Condemn Terrorism In All Its Forms And Manifestations As A Profound Challenge To Peace And Security And A Highly Dangerous Threat To Political, Economic And Social Stability Of States And The International Community As A Whole, Adversely Affecting The Market Economies And The Development Of Multilateral And Bilateral Cooperation. We Reaffirm Our Resolution To Take All The Necessary Steps, While Firmly Respecting Human Rights And Fundamental Freedoms As Enshrined In Applicable Instruments, Countering Terrorism And Other Linked Illegal Activities. We Deem It Imperative That The Relevant BSEC Organs And National Competent Authorities Enhance The Implementation Of The BSEC Agreement On Cooperation In Combating Crime, In Particular In Its Organized Forms And, FurtheRmore, Consider New Means Of Cooperation Within The Mandate Of The BSEC.

    10. We Declare Solemnly That BSEC May Serve As A Testimony And An Example For The Harmonious Cooperation Among States Having Varying Spiritual And Cultural Backgrounds. We Are Convinced That This Diversity Is An Essential Asset Of Our Organization And Enrichment For Our Countries And Peoples, Promoting Better Understanding Among Civilizations.

    11. We Highly Appreciate The Ground Covered By The Organization In Such A Short Span Of Time And Would Like To Amplify Our Unswerving Political Support For The Future Success Of This Promising And Dynamic Organization.

    12. We Express Our Gratitude To The Government And People Of The Republic Of Turkey For The Warm Hospitality And Excellent Organization Of The Summit On The Tenth Anniversary Of The BSEC At Its Birthplace, Istanbul.