On the 27th of November, 21:20 hours, six Su-25 type Russian military jets have violated
Georgian airspace and bombed territories adjacent to the village Birkiani, Akhmeta district.
These jets penetrated the Georgian airspace for the distance of 50 km and remained there for
about 30 minutes. At the same night Russian military helicopters conducted several air strikes
on the territory adjacent to Chechen and Ingush segments of the Georgian-Russian State Bor-
der, including outskirts of villages Terga, Arkhoti, Kue, Zemo Omalo, Akhieli and Amgha.
The data on the human loss and property damage caused by the air strikes will be adjusted

Today on 12:35 the intrusion of two Su-25-type military jets en route from the Russian Fed-
eration was marked in Kodori Gorge. Jets flew over Mestia and returned back.

Such actions of the Russian military forces can only be evaluated as an undisguised aggres-
sion against the sovereign neighboring State.

Simultaneously, especially alarming is that aforesaid is conducted on the threshold of CIS
Summit and planned meeting between the Presidents of Georgia and the Russian federation.
We cannot exclude that the above mentioned actions are attempts of the destructive forces
aimed against possible positive outcome of the Presidential meeting.

The Georgian side regards that due to disdain of the numerous Georgian protests regarding
the facts of encroachment on the sovereignty by the Russian political leadership the aforesaid
became possible. The outcome of this acts conducted by the Russian side, if not suppressed on
time, may only deepen the instability in the Caucasus region. One must not neglect such
threats. The International Community must raise its voice against the coarse violation of in-
ternationally accepted basic principles of peaceful co-existence.

The ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia expresses utmost resentment and while appealing
to the Russian leadership categorically demands to cease the oft-recurring aggression against

Herewith, if this kind of actions will continue, Georgia reserves the right to conduct adequate
steps provided by the norms of international law.